Hey there, what’s up?

My name is Michiel-Désiré. Yes, it’s my real first name.
Besides having a special first name, i’m a millennial entrepreneur born and raised in Belgium. My businesses are active in e-comm and marketing. Basically everything that is online, gets my attention!

Therefore, it shouldn’t suprise you I like social icons and that i’m crazy about Emoji’s (hence; the rocket in the right upper corner). I truly believe that emoji domains will become a BIG thing and that social networks will become the mainstream media. Your mobile phone will replace the televisions and your apps will become the what-were-once-channels.

I also think e-comm will grow faster and faster to the extend that we have Amazon prime and Amazon-like convenience stores everywhere around the corner.

In my spare time I like to workout, listen to swedish dj’s or learn something new. But gosh what do I love doing something ‘I can’t’. Succeeding in what others tell you, you can’t.. That’s where the fun begins.

In case you have a question or I can help you, hit me up!